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Family Psychiatry & Psychology Associates is a leader in the field of individual and/or multidisciplinary, team treatment of children, adolescents and adults.


FPPA offers educational services for students, parents, and schools

Diagnostic Evaluations:  Each clinician at FPPA is well skilled at evaluating behaviors, experiences and prior assessments (medical, neurological, psychiatric and psychological). The initial intake appointment provides the doctor with the information necessary to begin understanding the nature of a problem and to begin to provide a preliminary plan for change. The treatment plan is further refined as we continue to learn about our clients with each subsequent visit. We believe that education and understanding are critical to change, and we are committed to sharing our diagnostic impressions with clients as they develop over time.

Medication Evaluations:  Fortunately, the range of medications available for mental health concerns has expanded dramatically. These medications affect the brain, behavior, thinking and emotions. Administration of psycho-active medications requires careful and thoughtful consideration of potential benefits, risks, adverse effects, sensitivity to the use of such medications and differences in responses based on age, gender, targeted symptoms and general health status. Our psychiatrists have expertise in psycho-pharmacology across the spectrum of mental illness and can help you or your loved one in making the best decisions regarding short-term and long-term options for treatment. Medication management of disorders is usually combined with other forms of treatment; monitoring of progress is customized to the individual and his/her needs.

Cognitive/Academic Evaluations (Psychological Testing):  FPPA provides diagnostic evaluations of cognitive and academic abilities for children and adults. All cognitive/academic evaluations at FPPA are provided complete with verbal feedback, detailed recommendations, and a written report. Common reasons for such evaluations include appropriateness of school placement, questions about learning difficulties or school progress, ADHD, evaluation of thought disorders, assessment of severity of mental illness, fitness for duty, and facilitation of therapy. The results of such testing can be utilized in collaboration with a clinician for school consultation or employment matters.

Autism Evaluations:  The rising prevalence rate of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is alarming and has attracted the attention of the public and media. Many professionals in this area believe that the increased rate is due to 1) a broadening of the diagnosis to include milder forms of the disorder, and 2) an increase in professionals trained to accurately identify and diagnose ASD. Although increased awareness has resulted in more individuals with ASD receiving diagnoses and appropriate support services, it has also resulted in some irresponsible and inappropriate diagnosing by professionals who lack thorough understanding of this complex developmental disability. Clinicians at FPPA have extensive experience with the ASD population, and comprehensive diagnostic services are available to assess for the presence of ASD and provide helpful and practical recommendations for intervention.


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