Mental Health Care - Specialized Services

FPPA is a leader in the field of individual and/or multidisciplinary, team treatment of children, adolescents and adults.

Specialized Psycho-Educational / Psychotherapeutic Services

FPPA offers educational services for students, parents, and schools

Parent training for child behavior management:  Children are born with a range of personalities and behavioral tendencies. Sometimes, children with difficult temperaments are born to parents who are loving and attentive, but cannot manage their children's difficult behavior. FPPA provides parent training for child behavior management. This is a hands-on intervention that teaches strategies that will enhance your parenting toolbox and help you be more effective in managing your child's difficult behaviors.

Parent training for autism spectrum disorders:  Children with autism have difficulties accurately processing and understanding information in their environment. This often leads to confusion and behavioral difficulties. With the help of experienced parents, the professional community has identified a set of strategies that often help individuals with autism understand their environments and expectations about their behavior more clearly. Parent training for autism spectrum disorders employs strategies developed by Division TEACCH, enlisting parents as teachers for their children. You will be taught strategies that will help your child access the best of his or her skills and abilities.

Adolescents Coping with Pain:  We offer therapy for adolescents who experience continuous or episodic pain resulting from an illness or injury. Treatment is designed to teach pain management skills and improve the ability to cope with difficulties associated with having a painful medical condition.

Parenting Your Adolescent with a Painful Medical Condition:  This treatment is for parents of adolescents who experience continuous or episodic pain resulting from an illness or injury. Topics addressed include but are not limited to: helping your child cope with pain; effectively advocating for your child in healthcare and school systems; deciding how to set limits on and/or discipline your adolescent with chronic pain.

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